Leigh’s Lost and Found: Where a missing cat was found after disappearing one year ago

Published: Feb. 22, 2023 at 3:29 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - In today’s Leigh’s Lost and Found, a happy reunion one year in the making.

Almost a year to the day that Sebastian the cat went missing from Mountain Grove, he turned up in a post on the Leigh’s Lost and Found page. And the whole time, he was only a couple of miles from home.

Delaine McGraw caught the moment on video when she finally brought her three year old son’s cat back home.

In the video she says, “come here bud, come see who I have in the car. Who is that? That’s my Sebastian.”

She tells us, “he’s like that’s my Sebastian, that’s my cat. And he ran out there and opened the door to the car and it was awesome.”

Delaine says Sebastian disappeared in January of 2022. She had given up looking for him not long after that.

“There was a lady that posted that a white cat had been found deceased and I just assumed since I couldn’t find him that that was probably him.”

Then, another blow. Her Siamese Kujo went missing a couple of months ago, so she started scrolling through lost and found sites again.

She says, “I’ve been looking onling and I saw that someone was giving away a cat and I clicked on the link and it was Sebastian. It was the spitting image of him. I was like oh my gosh, that looks like my cat.”

It was. Someone living near Delaine had taken him in a year ago but now needed to find him a new home.

“She has taken in a lot of stray animals and just had too many and she wanted to find them good homes. She gave him rabies shots, she neutered him, he was very well taken care of. Super soft and silky and very chunky.”

Delaine is grateful to that woman and beyond grateful that Sebastian is back where he belongs. His unexpected reunion has given her new hope that she’ll find Kujo as well.

“I feel like he’s still alive. I have faith that’s he’s going to come back. I’m ready for it.”

Kujo is a bobtail Siamese. He’s missing from the Norwood area near Shetler’s grocery store. If you see him or find him, please contact Delaine at 417-543-3590. You can also send in any sightings or tips to the Leigh’s Lost and Found facebook page.

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