Camden County arrests 2 accused of catalytic converter thefts

Published: Mar. 2, 2023 at 4:49 PM CST
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CAMDENTON, Mo. (KY3) - Camden County Sheriff’s Office arrested two men in connection with a catalytic converter theft at a local business.

Chad Brown and John Lawrence face charges of stealing after it was reported that they stole catalytic converters from vehicles at High Brothers Lumber & Rental Center in Camdenton.

“The call came in from a local business owner who has video security cameras at their business. They had an alert of some kind of limb know there was someone there on the property,” said Sgt. Scott Hines with the Camden County Sheriff’s Office.

A Pulaski County State Representative is working to combat some of the thefts happening in Missouri. Representative Don Mayhew has filed two bills relating to the thefts. First, you must have a reason to have a catalytic converter.

”For instance, you were working on your own vehicle, or you are in the business of replacing catalytic converters, those kinds of things,” said Representative Mayhew.

The second is what information is needed to sell a converter legally.

”I’m only requiring two additional items. The seller provides the make, model, serial number, the vehicle that the catalytic converter came off of, and proof that they are a bonafide repair shop. If they are not a bonafide repair shop, then to sign an affidavit that states that the catalytic converter is not stolen,” said Representative Mayhew.

”Why are they stealing? They can’t maintain a job because they have a drug habit. They can’t provide for their families or themselves because their drug habit takes up their money. So they’re stealing in order to fund their own lifestyle. Frankly, if they would just stop using the drugs, they wouldn’t have these issues,” said Sgt. Hines.

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