Leigh’s Lost and Found: Owner who calls her dog a lifeline is desperate to get her back

Published: Mar. 2, 2023 at 12:18 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - In today’s Leigh’s Lost and Found, a truly desperate search for a dog missing since last September.

The dog’s owner calls her a lifeline, one of the only things that’s kept her going through some seriously tough times. She’s pleading for everyone’s help to get her back.

“She’s actually a complete mutt.”

That’s why Madison Habick named her dog, Muttallica. She got her as a puppy two and half years ago and muttalica has seen her through the worst of times.

Madison tells us, “she was my baby, she really kept me from killing myself honestly. She kept me from not giving up completely, being homeless and being a struggling person with addiction. It makes me want to cry.”

When Madison had to leave Muttallica with a friend last September while she got herself back on her feet, her dog got away and disappeared.

She says, “everyone’s been looking for her. My step mom, my mom, my aunt and uncles in Iowa. They don’t even know where Springfield is and they’re looking on the pages, following them.”

We repost Muttallica on the Leigh’s Lost and Found page every week but so far, there’s only been on credible sighting.

Madison says, “my dad and step mom found her. A lady had her on Atlantic and Hoffman and when we they went to go her, she hopped the fence apparently.”

Muttallica is very energetic and could be anywhere at this point. Madison still wears the best friends pendant that she shared with her dog and is hoping people reading and watching this understand just how important it is to get her lifeline back.

“If I cried, she’d come up to me and put her face right here. She was an empath really. That dog kept me from being a statistic.”

If you see Muttallica or know anything, contact Madison on her facebook page at the link below.

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