MoDOT engineers say they will restripe reflective road paint in the summer; fixing signs too

Published: Mar. 9, 2023 at 2:51 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Winter storms and spring showers may create low visibility for drivers on road. The weather makes road signs at night challenging to see, too.

MoDOT engineers said much of the reflective material is stripped away from snow and snow plows in the wintertime. Engineers said right now is the worst time for these signs. This past week was rainy and cold for many drivers. Drivers Carrie Engevik and Grant Kandlvinder said driving at night, visibility was hard.

MoDOT engineers said their road signs have reflective paint. When you shine your headlights, they should be easier to see.

“The signs outside of town are minimal,” said Engevik. “They really aren’t easily seen a lot of the time.”

“It depends on the lighting or the road, or if it’s just an open highway, it can be a little tougher,” said Kandlvinder.

Darin Hamelink, MoDOT’s District Maintenance Engineer, said all the signs are retro-reflective.

“When your headlights are on, the beams hit the sign and reflect back to you,” said Hamelink.

He said crews do annual inspections. Signs also can last ten to 20 years. But he said right now is the worst time for reflective road stripes.

“We plow the roads every winter,” said Hamelink. “That will often have an impact on the quality of the stripe because, well, it’s kind of a double-edged sword.”

Drivers Jahari Abdul-Salaam, and Engevik, said in this rain, they noticed.

“You can’t see anything around those curves. You can’t see a sign that’s about ten feet ahead of you,” said Abdul-Salaam.

“There’s really not that much reflective paint,” said Engevik. “They’ve been doing work on 65, and it is better.”

Hamelink said the roads have glass beads that reflect light, and routes will look their worst this time of year.

“Glenstone, Kansas, and James River, those do get striped every year,” said Hamelink.

Drivers like Kandlvinder said they see the issues but know they will be fixed.

“Noticed some breakage in some of the lines and everything, but all in all, it’s pretty good,” said Kandlvinder.

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