Northwest Fire Protection District in several counties adds tax to April ballot

Published: Mar. 9, 2023 at 5:32 PM CST
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CLIMAX SPRINGS, Mo. (KY3) - The Northwest Fire Protection District added a tax on the April ballot to pay for equipment and needs for the fire district. The district covers Camden, Hickory, and Benton Counties.

Terri Pankel recently moved to her home in Climax Springs. She lives close to the fire department and asked for help a few times.

“They’ve always been very prompt. There was one night that my husband got lost out in the woods behind us. By the time I called them in the middle of the night, they had, they showed up within half an hour, and I had people here, combing the area looking for him to help us out. They very helpful people,” said Pankel.

She plans to vote yes on a tax increase for the fire protection district.

”They’ll cause you to know, they come out anytime in the day or night, and they need equipment, they need things to do that better. I’m all for it,” said Pankel.

If approved, the tax would be added to residents’ property tax. The tax would increase by 25 cents for every $100 assessed value. For a district that has 175 square miles, the vice president says that would help get new equipment.

”They have been put over the roughest of imaginable terrain and strain in this community. It’s a great community, but our roads are not the best. We cover a large district. These kinds of roads put huge demands on a big vehicle like this,” said Michael Cundiff, Vice President of the board.

He says that compared to other districts, the tax levy is relatively low.

“The increase is going to be .25, still making us the lowest of the seven counties of seven districts in this area, the very lowest,” said Cundiff.

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