Storm damages home and delivery van of Ozark, Mo. man

Published: Mar. 24, 2023 at 9:53 PM CDT|Updated: Mar. 24, 2023 at 10:18 PM CDT
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OZARK, Mo. (KY3) - Thursday night into Friday’s storms caused significant damage in Christian County.

The storms blasted downtown Ozark, and the Finley River continues to rise bringing flooding concerns to parts of the area.

”If you see water over the roadway don’t try to cross it,” said Assistant Fire Chief Jeff Owens. “Even just a foot or less water can take a car off of the road.”

Owens warns the Finley River can quickly rise and take you by surprise and that you need to keep an eye out for water and debris on the road at night.

”I know there’s some more rain coming and even though it looks like the river is crested and moving down there’s still a possibility it can still come up really quick,” said Owens.

”Insurance coverage is going to depend on where you are at,” said Owens. “Companies do look at the flood zone areas, and it’s important.”

Ozark resident Phil Colbert made sure he had insurance, and while he didn’t face flood damage the powerful storms brought a whirlwind of other problems.

”We had a second-story window that was sucked out completely,” said Colbert. “The storm also bent our trampoline completely in half.”

Colbert lives near downtown Ozark, and his nearby business took a direct hit when a falling tree hit the roof and smashed into the delivery van.

Even though the Colberts have a lot of damage to clean up they remain hopeful.

”Honestly it could have been a lot worse, and the good news is that our commercial kitchen is still intact,” said Colbert. “We’re able to still cater do events, book weddings, all of that is fine.”

Firefighters and emergency crews are on standby tonight and are ready for any more rescues as the Finley keeps rising.

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