Fair Grove fire Protection District asking for a $3 million bond in April’s election

Published: Mar. 31, 2023 at 4:17 PM CDT|Updated: Mar. 31, 2023 at 4:27 PM CDT
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FAIR GROVE, Mo. (KY3) - A bond that would give millions of dollars to the Fair Grove Fire Protection District is on April’s ballot.

Chief Randall Hoskins said the district just got a fire engine for $450,000 a few years ago. If the bond passes the money would help to buy a new one. Chief Hoskins said a truck like the previous one will now be $1 million.

More people coming to the Ozarks means more fire service calls. Chief Hoskins said the department needs more money to save lives.

“It’s going to be a challenge for us to maintain our same level of equipment, our same level of service without the additional funding,” said Chief Hoskins.

The district is asking for a $3 million dollar bond. It sunsets in 20 years.

Fair Grove citizens, Nicole Duff and Diana Byrd, said regardless of a tax increase, they will vote yes.

“If we can help them be able to help us why wouldn’t you want to do it?” said Duff. “Even if it costs you just a little bit extra? What, why not?”

“Anything we can do to improve our service out here, I would be in favor of,” said Byrd.

Chief Hoskins said the money would help to hire more firefighters, rebuild a fire station, get new equipment, and more.

“With the call volumes, increasing the way they are very consistently over the previous few years, it’s really become difficult for our essentially one engine company to maintain those calls,” said Chief Hoskins.

No one we spoke with says they are against it.

Chief Hoskins said the district never wants to raise taxes, but this was necessary.

“To maintain our level of service, we hope they expect this is just something we need to do,” said Chief Hoskins.

People in Fair Grove said lives are more important than money.

“When you are the person in the situation where the fire service comes to your aid, you would wish that you had supported it,” said Byrd.

“You don’t get that degree of service if you don’t actually pay for it,” said Duff. “If it’s a few extra cents or a few $100 extra a year. Get over yourself. Just pay it.”

Chief tells me if this passes and your house is worth $150,000, your taxes would increase by $80 annually.

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