CoxHealth launches internship program for college students outside health care field

Published: Apr. 20, 2023 at 5:01 PM CDT|Updated: Apr. 20, 2023 at 6:15 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (Edited News Release/KY3) - Beginning in the summer of 2023, CoxHealth is launching its first formal internship program for non-medical related jobs across the organization.

Students seeking careers in various fields, from information technology to human resources to finance, will have the opportunity to gain experience in fields crucial to a healthcare system.

“For some students in majors such as business or computer science, health care may not be top of mind for a career option,” says Katelyn Lenhart, administrative director of workforce development, recruitment, and retention. “When in reality, it’s a great option because you can pursue a career you are passionate about while still giving back to the community. We feel it’s important to expose those students to these opportunities and show them the difference they can make.”

This will be a paid internship and may qualify as a part of an educational program in which students can earn academic credits from their university. It is a full-time program during the summer, and most positions will span ten weeks from June to August. After the completion of the summer program, interns could have the opportunity to participate in an extended internship program during their senior year.

“There was a lot of thought and consideration that went into this program to ensure students grow and learn from it. Interns will work on meaningful projects directly with CoxHealth leaders, professionals, and business partners to gain relevant experience and prepare them for their career after graduation,” says Lenhart.

The internship opportunities for this year include positions in the following departments:

· Clinic Operations

· Data Analytics

· Finance

· Human Resources

· Information Technology

CoxHealth plans to expand the program in future years to other departments.

This program is collaborative across the community. CoxHealth works directly with local schools and organizations, such as the efactory, to encourage students to apply. It also builds on existing internships in some departments that have served CoxHealth over the years.

Joanna Snyder is the Director of Finance at CoxHealth who started her career at Cox hospital when she was 16 years-old.

“When I was in high school I would leave track practice and I would come to help patients in the critical care unit,” Snyder recalled. “I would often help with feeding or transporting patients and sitting with them if they were not doing well. I’ve been here 23 years so I’ve been able to really grow my career here.”

Now she’s hoping to help others get that valuable early experience by teaching them that healthcare jobs aren’t just about doctors and nurses.

“I’ve got a 17 year-old and when she thinks of health care she thinks of needles,” Snyder said with a laugh. “So I’m like, ‘It’s way more than that!’”

The next time you’re driving along Springfield’s Medical Mile think of the fact that all those hospitals, clinics, and specialty centers not only need medical personnel, but someone to do the many jobs that allow that medical help to take place. Of CoxHealth’s 12,500 employees, around 5,000 are in non-medical roles.

“You have the clinical and you have the supportive,” Snyder pointed out.

“There’s a ton of opportunities and there’s a lot of different careers,” added Ryan Morris, the Director of the Center for Professional Development at CoxHealth. “But from the outside looking in, healthcare is a really big field and people are unsure about how to navigate what those opportunities might look like and to find a specific niche that they’re skilled for.”

So that’s why CoxHealth is offering internships.

“A goal of this internship program is to show students that healthcare is everything,” Snyder said. “We’ve got engineers, painters and plumbers. But you have to understand that our primary goal is to take care of our patients. And everybody is working towards that one common goal.”

Those jobs, from IT to finance, are available just about everywhere.

So why choose one in the healthcare field?

“We are in the business of changing lives and being the best for those who need us,” Morris answered. “So getting students who really want to know they’re making an impact with their work in these support roles is really important.”

CoxHealth is currently accepting applications from college or university undergraduate students in good academic standing between their junior and senior years to work up to 40 hours a week during the summer months. Interested students can visit // to apply.

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