Harrison, Ark., data mining center on hold after planning and zoning meet

Published: Apr. 25, 2023 at 5:39 PM CDT
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HARRISON, Ar. (KY3) - Many people are concerned about a possible new business in Harrison, Arkansas. Planning and zoning took up the proposed cryptocurrency mining center Tuesday.

The area where the proposed building will be is zoned as industrial. Crypto mining is such a new industry no one is really sure if it fits under zoning for industrial. Tuesday’s meeting was supposed to decide that, though, after hours of public comment, the committee said they would look at deciding next month.

Mayor Jerry Jackson also expressed his feelings on the project during the meeting, speaking out against it.

Brooke Lawrence loves the beauty and the quiet right here in Harrison, so much so she has lived here her entire life. The proposed crypto mining facility scares her because she lives close by with her daughter and pets.

”I feel like the noise, the pollution, the frequency (it) is given off. It’s going to be very life-changing for us,” Lawrence says.

Greene Digital bought the land and plans to use it for a facility that would “mine” data using a large computer network.

Tuesday’s meeting was packed with overflow into the lobby. Some voiced concerns like Lawrence, while others voiced rumors of things they had heard. While a majority at the meeting were against the center, some others around town said they didn’t mind the center. They argue people just have a hard time with change.

”They just don’t want growth. I feel like it’s really bad for the community and for their kids in particular,” Harrison resident Pyro Aldrich says.

Mayor Jackson says regardless, the business will have to follow certain steps before it moves forward.

”If they were in the county, none of this would have been taking place,” Jackson says. “They would have built it, and they would have been operating. But now, because they are in the city, they have to come to the planning commission. They have to go through the process.”

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