Springfield shelters overrun with kittens

Kittens are overrunning many animal shelters around the Ozarks.
Published: May. 15, 2023 at 5:21 AM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) -Kittens are overrunning many animal shelters around the Ozarks. Shelter leaders say they have been getting more kittens since the pandemic.

Cats can have six kittens per litter and up to three litters a year. That can lead to a lot of cats in need of care. Over the last three years, Watching Over Whiskers has seen more and more cats and kittens brought in.

“TNR is one of the three things that Watching Over Whiskers does, and it’s the most critical of anything we do,” said Watching Over Whiskers Executive Director Marci Bowling. “Trap, neuter, return is for feral to semi-feral community cats that are out living on the streets just trying to survive. We will never ever adopt our way out of this crazy tidal wave that that we’re in now, and we couldn’t before, but we certainly can’t now.”

During lockdowns, vets couldn’t do spay and neuter procedures. That led to several animals not getting fixed. Those animals had babies, and now there are more cats than the shelter can handle. The increase in the kitten population is creating many challenges for area shelters.

“The more animals you have, the more things cost,” said Bowling. “We all know that the price of everything has gone up since COVID. And access to things is different. We’ve got all these extra moms I’m getting, so we don’t always have ones we’re supporting in the community that isn’t even with us, and we’re way down in funding in that regard.”

The best way to help is to if you feed them, fix them. You can also donate to area shelters to help provide spay and neuter procedures.

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