Experts share fuel tips as boaters return to lakes across the Ozarks

Published: May. 25, 2023 at 6:14 PM CDT
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SUNRISE BEACH, Mo. (KY3) - Memorial Day weekend will be one of the busiest at lakes across the Ozarks. If you’re planning to get on the water, make sure you check gas prices.

Usually, you want to use non-ethanol gas in your boat.

”Our gas comes on a truck at about 2,500 gallons at a time. We’ve got 87 octanes and 93 octanes. Both of them are non-ethanol, which is very important for boats because, a lot of times, they’re stored for long periods of time, and the ethanol can break down and separate. So a lot of people prefer to use non-ethanol gas,” said Adam Morris, who works at Pirates Point.

The price can vary.

”There are fewer distributors that are selling 87 non-ethanol because only marinas are using it,” said Morris.

Before you fill up, make sure you check your fuel lines. The Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District Chief says they’ve seen an increase in fuel-related boat fires.

”It seems like, in the last couple of years, we’ve seen an uptick in those incidents,” said Chief Joseph LaPlant.

Check your hoses once a year. That includes the hoses to fill the gas tank, hoses that vent the air out of the tank, and the hose going from the gas tank to the engine.

”Talking to our local vendors as far as the marinas and the repair shops and things of that nature, they’ve told us that a lot of this is due to people not properly maintaining the hoses, not properly maintaining the fuel lines. They’re buying boats and not getting them checked out by a professional marina or shop. So you know, a lot of this is neglect,” said Chief LaPlant.

When refueling, turn off your blower to lower the risk of the fumes being sucked into your boat. When you get on the water again, know the rules of the lake.

”Number some safety I would say on the water, especially on a busy weekend like we have coming up, is to keep an eye out for other boaters,” said Morris.

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