“It’s just heartbreaking”: Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley pushes for answers regarding nuclear contamination site

Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley describes conversations he had with radioactive waste victims near St. Louis as heartbreaking.
Published: Jul. 21, 2023 at 7:45 AM CDT
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WASHINGTON, DC. (KY3) - Missouri Senator Josh Hawley continued his push for answers from the federal government on nuclear contamination in the St. Louis area this week. On Thursday, he sent a letter to the chair of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, asking for a hearing to discuss the radioactive contamination and what steps are being taken to remedy the situation.

Just last week, Senator Hawley visited Jana Elementary and Coldwater Creek where, according to a recent report, Uranium was found, leftover from the Manhattan Project during World War Two. There, Senator Hawley said he spoke directly with people who have been affected by the contamination for years.

”It’s just it’s heartbreaking to see families who have lost family members, whose spouses are sick and dying of cancer,” said Sen. Hawley. “I talked with one grandmother, whose home and backyard goes right up next to the elementary school that has been shut down because of radioactive contamination, and her comment to me was, she went to that school in the neighborhood, her four kids went to that school, she’s got five grandkids, and now she’s afraid to have them come over to our own house and play in the yard.”

Senator Hawley said the radioactive waste in St. Louis was well-known in the area.

“The people, St. Louis, they’ve known for years, they’re the only ones who have known it, but they haven’t been listened to the people who grew up around along the creek,” said Sen. Hawley. “It’s called Coldwater Creek. I’ve been there, I’ve seen it, you would never know from looking at it. Kids played in that creek. Their whole neighborhoods built along the creek, purposely because the creek is such a beautiful piece of water. "

Senator Hawley has also announced new legislation to create a fund for the victims of radioactive contamination.

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