AUGUST ELECTION: City of Seymour to vote on transportation tax

Published: Aug. 4, 2023 at 2:49 PM CDT
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SEYMOUR, Mo. (KY3) - There’s only one issue on the ballot for voters in Webster County and Seymour this election.

The city of Seymour is asking for a half-cent increase on the current sales tax rate. If passed, purchases in the city would be taxed by 8.558% instead of the current 8.058%.

The issue was proposed back in May at a Board of Aldermen meeting. The meeting minutes said Alderman Jim Ashley noted that the city was behind on street paving and proposed the sales tax increase to increase funds to repair streets.

In a pamphlet explaining the tax, the city said its current revenue from sales tax can’t keep up with the city’s need for repairing and repaving public streets, and that the price for paving has doubled in the last five years.

If the tax passes, the city estimates an extra $200,000 in the first year to put towards the construction and upkeep of streets and sidewalks.

The city of Seymour used this example to show how much the tax would increase:

“If you purchase a $2 candy bar, the new transportation sales tax, would cost you a penny - 1 cent. On a $20 purchase, the increase will be 10 cents.”

Right now, for every dollar spent, an extra eight cents is paid for sales tax. If the new tax passes, for every dollar spent, an extra eight and a half cents would be paid.

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