Lebanon Schools unveil improved safety plans for schools

Published: Aug. 21, 2023 at 7:16 PM CDT
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LEBANON, Mo. (KY3) - Safety is always the first priority for parents when sending their kids to school, the City of Lebanon and the Lebanon R-III School District purchased equipment to make sure communication between the schools and first responders is top-notch.

The director of school safety for the district says they are always wanting to keep their students safe.

”We’re always striving to have good cameras, systems, good door locking systems, good access in and out, good visitor management systems, so that when people come here, and they’re going to pick up their child or kind of come visit that we can vet them properly before they enter the, what we call the safety bubble,” said Jason Riggs, the director of school safety.

Previously, when first responders would show up, they had radio problems.

”Cinderblock brick, lot of new additions have metal, and what was happening was our first responders, our law enforcement, our fire, they were coming into our buildings and having a little bit of an issue of communicating with each other,“ said Riggs.

The school leaders found a way around it. Now, the radios will connect to the school.

”There’s a new technology now that the radios that the law enforcement and fire department use, those radios can be reprogrammed. When they’re inside our building, and then their radio signal hits a certain threshold, then it automatically connects to our school Wi-Fi.,” said Riggs.

Riggs says the school district won’t stop at just this.

”We try as a district, we want to be a leader in school safety in the state, and we specifically go out and do things that better our district as far as school safety, and we take it very seriously,” said Riggs.

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