Alyssa Kelly

Host & Multimedia Journalist
Alyssa Kelly

Alyssa Kelly is a co-host and correspondent for KY3’s lifestyle and entertainment show, The Place, which airs weekdays at 11:30am on KY3 and 5:30pm on The Ozarks CW.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Alyssa's used to some colder weather than most of us here in Springfield. She attended the University of North Dakota where she worked as a brand journalist for the campus and was a TV news reporter in Grand Forks, ND. After graduating, she worked as a TV news reporter in Fargo, ND before assuming her role at KY3.

You'll often find Alyssa working alongside local animal shelters as she's a strong advocate for our furry friends in the area. She also has a sweet tooth. You can catch her latest segments of Ozarks Just Desserts, where she travels around town and showcases unique local desserts.

She's always looking for creative DIY projects to teach viewers on-air, so don't hesitate to send ideas!

  • University of North Dakota, Journalism/Communications