SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - For some residents in Springfield, getting their appliance new isn’t worth the wait.

That’s why many are turning to places where some inventory is ready to take home. And small and used appliance shops are enjoying the extra foot traffic.

Cook’s Appliance says they have certainly noticed an increase in people coming through their doors since the pandemic began.

Keith Ostrander, a lead Tech at the store says people have been looking for alternatives to the long wait times at some big box stores, that can be upwards of 9 weeks. He also says that they’ve also wanted to avoid the crowds a bit and go to a smaller shop that specializes in what they are looking for.

The big-ticket item during the pandemic? Freezers.

“I think that people are trying to be prepared. Stock some stuff up,” he tells KY3. “We were all in the grocery store right after this happened. I was shocked the first time I went into Walmart right afterward. There are two packages of meat left in there.”

He says just like people were stocking up on toilet paper, anything that could be kept in a freezer made the list as well.

When it comes to shopping for any appliance, Ostrander says to ask questions about the warranty.

“I’ve always said to shop around for the extended warranty,” he tells KY3. “Treat it just like the product. Shop around. Just because someone tells you it’s a good deal doesn’t mean you won’t find it better somewhere else.”

He says picking a small appliance store compared to the big box stores have many advantages.

From personalized customer services to working with people who just specialize in appliances and don’t have so many other products they have to worry about too.

Every local store KY3 reached out to said they have had come challenges with inventory because of the need. But it’s also been good to have more foot traffic come through their stores.

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