CATCH-A-CROOK: Help ID 3 women suspected in Greene County car break-ins

CATCH A CROOK: Help ID a couple accused in a Strafford theft

CATCH-A-CROOK: Help Greene County detectives ID this man

CATCH-A-CROOK: Springfield car break-ins tied to man caught on video

CATCH-A-CROOK: Help stop a car theft ring in Greene County

CATCH-A-CROOK: Help solve a Springfield father's murder

CAPTURED: Investigators arrest suspect in Greene County burglaries

CATCH-A-CROOK: Greene County deputies search for man who damaged jail

CATCH-A-CROOK: Help ID 2 people suspected in Greene County break-ins

CATCH A CROOK: Help Greene County detectives find a dangerous fugitive

CATCH A CROOK: Help ID Greene County thieves caught on camera

CATCH-A-CROOK: Help solve these Greene County crimes caught on camera



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"It was a fight that escalated and got out of control," Cobb County Fire Department spokeswoman Denell Boyd said.

Slain Barnard College student fought her attackers in robbery, police say

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Mom whose baby was ripped from her arms by officers to get $625K

The woman's child, who was still breastfeeding at the time, was "brutally wrenched from his mother’s arms," a lawsuit claims.

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