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Meet Meteorologist Leah Hill.

While it's hard to believe now, when Leah was young she was terrified of the weather!

As a Missouri native growing up near Saint Louis, she experienced all types of weather from severe thunderstorms to snowstorms, but thunderstorms scared her the most. After her favorite climbing tree fell down during a storm and nearly hit her house, she had a fear of weather and would hide in a closet whenever she heard thunder.

Leah overcame this fear in her eighth-grade science class when she was taught the basics of meteorology and weather forecasting. Knowledge is power, and this power helped her conquer her fear. Leah also decided right then and there she was going to be a meteorologist.

The pursuit for this dream led her to attend college at the University of Oklahoma. Her college mentor was the one who got her up in front of the green screen for the first time! She was encouraged by her mentor to anchor the weather for her college's news station, which she did for three and a half years. Additionally she held two separate internships for news stations in Oklahoma City. Leah graduated from OU with a bachelors in meteorology and a minor in broadcast meteorology.

Leah's dream job was to work in her home state, so she is absolutely thrilled to be a meteorologist for KY3/KSPR. When not working she loves to spend time outdoors hiking in the woods, canoeing on the lake, or taking frequent walks with her yorkie Pluto.


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