Contact KY3 On Your Side Investigation: Springfield sunroom company files for bankruptcy

Published: Jan. 17, 2018 at 4:58 PM CST
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Springfield Sunrooms, also known as Four Seasons, filed for bankruptcy.

Our investigation started months ago when dozens of upset customers contacted KY3. Customers say they paid, some in full, and the jobs are not done. We pulled the county documents. Inspectors noted the work was not up to code.



Our list continues to grow. So far, thirty-five upset customers tell us they paid Springfield Sunrooms a total of nearly half a million dollars and they're not satisfied with the projects. It's not just them. The list goes beyond homeowners.

"They kept saying, we'll pay you, we'll pay you. I never got paid," said Jim Shaver, with Intech Construction. He was a subcontractor for Springfield Sunrooms.

"I worked with them after they got into some trouble. I've been contacted about helping them clean up some of the jobs. The money wasn't coming in. I saw the writing on the wall. Cut my losses and got out while I could get out," he said.

Shaver says Springfield Sunrooms owes him about $4,000. That's why his business is listed as a creditor. Court documents show it's Chapter Seven Bankruptcy.

Summer Masterson-Goethals is a consumer attorney.

"They are stuck. As long as this bankruptcy case is pending, they won't be able to file any lawsuits against this business entity to be able to recover any of their financial damages," she said.

It's recommended upset customers talk with a bankruptcy attorney. Customers can file a claim with the bankruptcy court to be added as creditor, but there's only so much money to go around.

"Unsecured creditors like these customers, they would get paid lower down the line," said Masterson-Goethals.

On Your Side went to Springfield Sunrooms. The building was locked. We called the number on the sign. There's a recording that states the company filed for bankruptcy. We have tried to reach the owner, Michael Hainrihar. We cannot track down his cell phone number. When we've talk to him in the past, the caller ID displays, unknown.

As for Shaver, he's glad to be on the list, but he's not banking on the money.

"From the business practices I saw them doing, I'd be surprised if I get anything," he said.

KY3 Inc is listed in the bankruptcy case. Springfield Sunrooms owes this TV station money for airing ads. We should also point out, those ads stopped running when we started this investigation months ago.