Man is charged with robbing 2 c-stores in 16 minutes in Springfield

 Ktwaun Allen (Greene County jail)
Ktwaun Allen (Greene County jail) (KY3)
Published: Jun. 15, 2016 at 2:43 PM CDT
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A 23-year-old man from Springfield is charged with committing two armed robberies 16 minutes apart early on June 6. For Ktwaun Allen, the two charges of first-degree robbery that were filed on Tuesday are on top of another first-degree robbery charge that was filed on June 7.

Police believe Allen is the man who held up a Kum & Go convenience store on East Division Street at 12:39 a.m. and a Kum & Go store on East Sunshine Street at 12:55 a.m., both on June 6. At the second store, the robber pointed a gun at the clerk’s head.

Chasity Harper, who police say drove the robber to the stores, was charged on June 8 with being an accessory to the two robberies. Police caught Harper after she drove away from the second store being robbed and a witness described the van to a 9-1-1 call-taker. She told a detective that she didn’t know Allen was going to rob the stores, but she couldn’t explain why a bag of stolen money was left in the van, along with a handgun.

Here’s the edited probable cause statement used as the basis of the two charges of being an accessory to first-degree robbery.

On June 6, 2016, around 12:39 a.m., Springfield Police responded to a reported robbery at Kum & Go, 2963 E. Division St., Springfield. The clerk reported to officers he was in the back of the store when he heard a sound he recognized as a handgun being loaded with slide being pulled back and released forward. (He) then saw a man in the store with the handgun. The robber demanded the clerk provide him with money from the register. The clerk put the money in a Kum & Go plastic bag and the robber then fled.

On June 6, 2016, around 12:55 a.m., Springfield Police responded to a reported robbery at Kum & Go, 2404 E. Sunshine. The clerk reported he saw a man matching the description of the previous robbery entering the store. The robber pointed the gun at the clerk’s head and demanded money from the register.

The clerk put the money in a plastic Kum & Go bag. A witness reported he was leaving the Kum & Go at the time of the robbery. The witness saw a gold minivan traveling east bound on Madrid (the road directly behind the Kum & Go) without its headlights on. He thought the vehicle looked suspicious and drove to the Sonic drive-in next to Kum & Go. The van then left at high speed traveling east on Sunshine.

As the van was accelerating away, the robber ran out of the Kum & Go. The witness contacted 91 1 and told what he saw, providing a partial license plate, in addition to the description of the robber and the van’s driver.

An officer spotted the van driving through the parking lot at 2200 E. Sunshine. The officer stopped the van and identified the driver as Chasity Harper. The officer was able to see, in plain view in the vehicle, a Kum & Go bag, which contained cash as well as a handgun holster. Harper also told the officer she had a handgun in the vehicle.

The witness positively identified Harper as the person he had seen driving the van behind Kum & Go. Harper was arrested and taken to the Greene County Jail. The van was towed to Police Headquarters and secured.

A detective interviewed Harper at the jail. She said she was with a man and did not know he was going to commit a robbery when she drove him to the Kum & Go on East Division. Harper said she parked in a parking lot behind the store as the man went inside. Harper then saw the man running away from the store, realizing he had just committed a robbery, and picked him up at Cedarbrook Avenue at Division.

Harper then drove the man to the area of the Kum & Go on East Sunshine, stating she again did not know he was going to rob the store and further claiming she was going to drop him off and not pick him up again. Harper was not able to explain why the man would have left the money from the first robbery in the vehicle and claimed to not have any involvement with the robberies.

Harper consented to a search of the vehicle she had been driving. A detective searched the vehicle and located a Kum & Go plastic bag containing money of various denominations in the rear seat of the vehicle. He also located a loaded handgun and a handgun magazine in the vehicle.

Surveillance video from both robberies showed the robber wore black pants with two distinctive white stains and a white bracelet on his right wrist. Police say they recognized Allen as being the robber in the video. They said he also was wearing similar clothing when they arrested him on June 6 for the assault and robbery that occurred in May.

Detectives interviewed Jeremy Harper, brother of Chasity Harper; he said the robber was Allen. Jeremy Harper said he’d been in the van with his sister and Allen prior to the first robbery but got out before it occurred. He also said his sister called him and said Allen committed the robberies.

After the second robbery, Allen went to the Lamplighter Inn on Sunshine at Glenstone Avenue. He borrowed a telephone there and made several calls to try to get someone to pick him up. An employee at Ziggies at the Lamplighter identified Allen as the man who borrowed her phone to make calls and logged onto his Facebook account on her phone. He was at Ziggies from about 1 to 3 a.m. on June 6.

In the apartment where Allen was arrested, officers say they found a gun and a black bandana like those used by the robber in the surveillance videos.

End of edited probable cause statement

The robbery for which Allen was charged last week involved marijuana and a shooting that hospitalized a woman.

Police said four people went to a home on West Atlantic Street near Kansas Expressway to buy pot on the afternoon of May 14. One person bought some weed but Allen didn’t like the price he was going to be charged, police heard, so he and Eric Hempstead stole it and fled in a car with the other two people inside it.

The marijuana seller and a woman grabbed her handguns and chased them in an SUV. The chasers caught up to the fleeing marijuana thieves at Kansas Expressway, according to the probable cause statement, leading to a shootout after the marijuana seller got out of the SUV and approached the car. Allen’s shots hit the SUV and the woman inside it. Allen told police it was Hempstead who fired at the SUV; he also said the marijuana seller fired first.

The two vehicles left the shooting scene but a police officer found the damaged SUV and the wounded woman inside of it. She was holding the left side of her chest, breathing with difficulty, and wondering if she was going to die, according to the probable cause statement.

Hempstead and Allen are both charged with robbery for the drug deal that went bad.

Allen has a $100,000 bond for both robbery cases. Allen previously served prison and parole time for an assault in July 2011. He completed his parole for that conviction last September.