FIT LIFE: 3 final exercises to try as you recover from knee surgery

Published: Feb. 28, 2020 at 8:58 AM CST
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On this Fit Life, we review three exercises you can try as you wrap up physical therapy after meniscus surgery.

In addition to the video, here's what Pam Morris wrote:

After meniscus surgery, recumbent biking remains a vital component for improving range of motion, flexibility, and providing non weight-bearing muscular endurance. One type of exercise that can be added to your program is heel slides, using sliders such as furniture sliders. A towel can also be used on a smooth flooring surface. This sliding or push and pull provides for active knee flexion and extension, with low resistance. Another type or form of knee extension is a standing lateral step up or slowly bending the affected knee on the edge of a step. While standing on the edge of the step, lower your other foot towards the floor keeping the affected knee pointing forward. When knee is responding pain-free, you may add wall ball squats, chair or bench sits and weighted squats, such as kettlebell squats. Perform most of these exercises approximately 10 times each. Advance to kneeling flexion and balance exercises and this is when you may also increase the duration of your biking and walking and other cardio workouts while maintaining good posture and positional habits. With the addition of other activities such as Yoga, Pilates and outdoor cycling can provide safe exercise options to regain an active lifestyle. Don't forget to revisit these exercises as you progress with your exercise options and vary routines often.