3 ways to boost your health on the job

SPRINGFIELD, Mo The battle for your health can get a kick start during your workday. KY3's Paul Adler visited with Noah Alldredge of Big Time Results to find a couple ways to get moving after you've been sitting for awhile.

Here's what Noah told us:

Correlations between obesity and sedentary jobs over the last 30 years are alarming. Today we are discussing easy interventions into your typical day, that will not only improve your waistline but your company's bottom line. People who get regular activity have increased self esteem, reduced absenteeism and increased worker productivity!

Today it is so easy to send an email or text, so, every hour make it a point to get up and go tell someone in your office your message.

Sitting for 30 minutes drastically reduces your basal metabolic rate, so telling someone your message not only increases your metabolism but it makes it more personal to whoever you are delivering the message to!

Drink plenty of water! Make it goal to try to drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day. So if you weigh 100lbs drink 50 ounces. Mild dehydration is the number one reason for daytime fatigue and headaches and many times is confused with hunger. As you age you tend to lose cartilage in your joints and dehydrated joints only make it worse! Other negatives of dehydration are reduced cardiac output, increased heart rate, and reduced reaction time. One last reason to drink plenty of water is that it gives you a reason to get up and walk to the bathroom!

Some other helpful tips;

*Print to the furthest printer instead of the printer right by your desk.

*Keep your snacks in the breakroom

*March when your talking on the phone

*Try to walk a 1,000 steps over lunch

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