Arkansas Scholarship Lottery proceeds continue upward trend

LITTTLE ROCK, Ark. More people are taking a chance on the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery.

April 2016 sales figures show Lottery numbers continue to trend upward. In April, the Lottery was up more than $2.4 million in instant ticket sales versus April 2015 and up more than $1.2 million in draw game sales versus last year – or, up $3,649,831 in overall sales versus April 2015. The increased sales translates to nearly $26 million paid to players in April and more than $2.1 million paid in commissions to retailers.

“This past month continues the trend of our ticket sales increasing in 18 of the last 20 months,” Lottery Director Bishop Woosley said today. “This means more prizes for our players, more commissions for our retailers, and, most importantly, more scholarship money for college-bound Arkansas students.”

The month’s total proceeds – the amount used to calculate the number of college scholarships awarded – were $7,392,837, more than $450,000 above budget, Woosley noted. Total proceeds for the year thus far are $67,528,725 -- nearly $5 million above budget thus far this fiscal year. “To date, we have transferred $8,766,458 more in proceeds this fiscal year than we did last fiscal year during the same period,” he said.