Carnahan, Parson win nominations for lieutenant governor

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Former U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan is headed to the general election after defeating two people in the Democratic race for Missouri's lieutenant governor. In the Republican primary, state Sen. Mike Parson of Bolivar defeated two other candidates.

Carnahan, the son of former Gov. Mel Carnahan, defeated pastor and state lawmaker Tommie Pierson Sr. of St. Louis and former Kansas City-area teacher Winston Apple.

Parson defeated Bev Randles and Arnie Dienoff. Parson got about 53 percent of the votes and Randles collected about 22 percent.

Parson is a former three-term sheriff of Polk County. He served three terms in the state House and is in his second term as a state senator. He considered running for governor this year but changed his mind.

The Libertarian Party candidate for the office is Steven Hedrick.

The current three-term lieutenant gover, Republican Peter Kinder, failed in his bid for the nomination for governor.