4 simple ways to relax from holiday stress

During the holiday season a lot of people get really stressed and do a lot of running around. Cady O'Quinn of Sumits Hot Yoga showed us a few techniques to destress from the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

We start off by practicing simple Sun Salutations. Sumits Hot Yoga tells us The Sun Salutation is a group of yoga poses performed in a specific sequence and linked with your breath. When you practice a Sun Salutation, you inhale to extend and exhale to bend.

Next, we practiced some Victorious Breath with Cady O'Quinn. This happens by creating a gentle compression at the back of your throat. It kind of sounds like Darth Vader or like listening to the ocean in your ear. So, the breathing is all through the nose. You're going to take a big breath and exhale and relax.

Next, we have Mini Sun Salutations. We're not even gonna come down to the ground for these. Just feel your feet rooted to the Earth. Put your palms up. You inhale and raise your arms overhead.

One other thing Cady likes to do in her classes is the Heart to Belly Breath. Sometimes in the beginning and in the end, Cady will ask her students to become very quiet and maybe place a hand on the belly and the other hand on the heart to create a connection. And, you just notice that the rhythm of your heart is beating and feel the rise and fall of your chest.

And, those are several ways to destress from your holiday stress on this Fit Life.