4 ways to motivate your man to improve his health

Published: Nov. 15, 2018 at 7:15 AM CST
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Some men are just plain stubborn when it comes to seeing their doctor. In fact, one doctor recently told KY3's Paul Adler that the wives are his biggest ally.

On this Live, Life, Well, we're looking at ways women can get their man to the doctor without coming off as a nag. One strategy you could use; make health a competition. If high blood pressure is the issue, see who can wind up with the lowest number. Dr. Jennifer Baker also says you could help your man with scheduling a doctor's appointment.

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Baker of Good Dads says, "She could handle it very matter of factly... and say hey, I'm scheduling everybody's checkups, can I schedule yours? Give me some dates that might work for you. For some men, that will be adequate."

If someone both of you know has a health issue, you could mention that to him to get his attention. That's less direct than saying your blood pressure's too high. Go see your doctor!

One other factor, many medications have side effects. You could always mention that fully enjoying a healthy marriage might be impacted if your man doesn't take care of his health.

This story is part of our #MovemberSGF series. We're growing facial hair as a reminder for men to do just one more thing for their health. It could be as simple as deciding to walk 15 minutes each day or going to see the eye doctor.

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