Couple takes down car prowler with bottle of cider

SPOKANE, Wash. (CNN) A Washington couple caught a suspected thief while he was trying to raid their car.

They brought him down with some hustle and teamwork.

"We pulled in the driveway and had seen the dome light was on in the car."
That's when Stacey Ellis retrieved a bottle or Martinelli's sparkling cider from her BMW and then turned off the light.

"And I turn around and the prowler jumped out of our other car, he was in the other car, jumped out of that and started running down the street," she said.

And that's when Gerald Ellis started chasing the suspect down the street.

What suspect Samul Clopton didn't know is that Ellis used to run hurdles for the University of Oregon.

"And so I saw him when he exited the car and I just took off after him and ran him down," said Gerald.

A camouflage hat marks where Ellis tackled Clopton on the sidewalk.

"They're on the ground wrestling, the guy's trying to get away, trying to talk...'let me go, let me go man. Let me just get out of here, I didn't really take much,," said Stacey.

And that's when Stacey christened Clopton’s head like the bow of a ship."As soon as he pulled the gun on my husband. He had the pistol in his face, probably three inches from his face."

Clopton allegedly took a shot at Ellis but his pistol was only a BB gun. Police told the couple Clopton’s backpack was full of loot and things like stolen car door openers.

"A bunch of keys he had obviously taken from other people's cars, remote controls, clickers. So he was just using those going around trying to see if the clickers would open someone's car I'm sure," Gerald said.

The Ellis's don't mind telling you that in retrospect, it probably wasn't a good idea to go chasing after a car prowler in the darkness, but thanks to their effective teamwork, they managed to apprehend an alleged thief without getting hurt.