LOOKING BACK: The viral trends of 2016

NEW YORK (CNN) 2016 was a year chocked full of viral trends, are you ready?

On your mark, get set, Pokemon Go!

The digital scavenger hunt became a phenomenon seemingly overnight with players searching for invisible Pokémon on the streets, on the front lines, even in the State Department.

"You're playing the Pokemon thing right there, aren't you?"

And because we can't have nice things, it also led to the discovery of dead bodies, people being robbed, and drivers playing when they shouldn't.

A Kansas college freshman became an overnight star after a thief broke into his vehicle and stole a Kit Kat bar, leaving behind a note that basically said, “gimme a break, I was hungry.”

The note went viral and eventually caught the eye of Kit Kat-maker Hershey’s, who made it up to the student with more than 6,000 of the chocolatey snacks.

Ah, sweet justice!

If 2016 ends up being known for the election, and the election ends up being known for its debates, then the debates will surely be known for the bone! Ken Bone, the bespectacled, red-sweatered debate contributor was a viral sensation no one saw coming. In a debate with no winners, Ken came out on top garnering a huge social media following and eventually, his very own Izod commercial.

After a 3-year old child fell into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo, authorities were forced to shoot and kill a gorilla named Harambe, a name that would become synonymous with animal rights. The shooting sparked international coverage of the incident, social media debates on the actions taken, protests, snarky memes, and hashtag cries for #justiceforharambe - a twitter handle that is still trending online.

One woman's self-inflicted case of the giggles led to international stardom -- after a viral video of a mom chuckling at a Chewbacca mask became the laugh heard round the world. The "Chewbacca mom" enjoyed her 15 viral minutes by doing the talk show circuit, tattooing her claim to fame on her arm, even meeting the real Chewbacca, Peter Mayhew.

Who's laughing now?

2016 also saw some viral trends that nobody wanted - case in point - those creepy clowns. Sightings of weirdos in scary clown masks reportedly started in South Carolina, but began popping up all around the country with no explanation. Most posed no real threat-- but it gave everyone the willies anyway.

2016 finished strong though with a viral trend we could all enjoy - the mannequin challenge! Everyone was striking a pose with their squads-- the more bizarre- the better.
Celebrities, athletes, even presidential candidates got in on the action.

Or should i say- inaction?