417 Rentals renters prepare to live without power

Published: Mar. 31, 2019 at 10:17 PM CDT
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UPDATE: 417 Rentals renters were notified Monday morning they will have power for the month of April.



New details on how landlord Chris Gatley's personal bankruptcy case is affecting at least one tenant who says he is in a life and death situation.

"I'm scared, I have no idea what my future will be," explained 417 Rentals renter, Charles McClancy.

McClancy, has been living in a 417 Rentals rental apartment for a few years now. He says the place he's called home for so long, may be the place that puts him to rest. Several residents at the apartment house on East Cherry are on disability. Like McClancy, they rely on electrically-powered medical equipment to keep them going,

As we reported earlier, Springfield City Utilities said there's not much more it can do. In a letter, City Utilities has told Charles and other tenants the same thing.

The letter reads: "It is unfortunate that we have been put into this position, but we cannot continue to provide utility service if the account remains unpaid."

Like City Utilities, no one has been able to contact 417 Rental's landlord, Chris Gatley. KY3, even tried calling again, but there was no answer. Gatley may still be recovering in the hospital from a serious gun shot wound.

So, starting Monday, Charles says his only hope to stay alive is to move into his truck

"I can't stayin a place with no power," explained McClancy. "At least in there, I might have an ability to build a lift because I have an invertor that keeps my electric chair charged, and also I can do a breathing treatment if I have to. But it's still not good enough to power any kind of heat."

Due to many of the tenants in the building being medically dependent on the power, they're considering a plan now to pool their rent money Monday and pay the utility bill instead. That would buy them more time to find another place to live.