Police investigate 5 deaths in 5 days in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo: It all started on Halloween night on Elm Street. Springfield Police found both Torie and Melvin Parrow dead at home. Police received a call from an 8-year old boy who was concerned about his mother (Torie) after she never returned outside to take him trick or treating. Melvin Parrow had a history of domestic violence against his wife.

5 homicides in 5 days in Springfield.

Just a few hours later, police got a call about shots fired at a residence on East Locust Street. Police found the bodies of Josh Hampton and Steven Marler with gunshot wounds. Two others were transported to a local Springfield hospital in critical condition.

Then two days later, Police received a call for a wellness check on North Oakland where they found the body of Sabrina Starr. She suffered gunshot wounds.

Phyllis Ferguson is the councilwoman for zone one in Springfield. She said, "As a community, we say this is not acceptable. What do we do besides chatter on social media about the terribleness of the murders. We get involved in our community. "

Springfield Police declined to respond.