5 simple ways to burn calories

SPRINGFIELD, Mo Here are some simple ways to lose weight even if you have a desk job.

Noah Alldredge of Big Time Results has these 5 ideas to burn more calories and get your heart rate up.

1: Don't print to the printer closest to your desk. Instead, pick a printer with a little bit of a walk.

2: Skip the email. Instead, get up and walk to your co-worker to have a discussion when possible.

3: Drink water. When you drink more water, you'll have to get up and move to go to the bathroom.

4: Walk 1,000 steps at lunch. That's about a half-mile. You should be able to get that done in about 10-15 minutes.

5: When you talk on the phone, stand up and pace or march.

Here's what Noah wrote:

"Unfortunately today we spend a lot of time on our keisters not moving around! This kills our metabolic rate, some studies have shown sitting for 30 minutes can decrease our metabolic rate by 90%! Doing some body weight exercises like body weight squats works your largest muscle group your legs helping you activate your core and increase your metabolism! Doing pushups or modified pushups will work 3 different upper body muscle groups and maximize your time.

Try a circuit of 10-1 repetitions of bodyweight squats and pushups for a quick and easy workout that will boost your metabolism!

10 squats/10 pushups
9 squats/9 pushups
8 squats/8 pushups
etc (All the way to 1)

Time yourself and try to beat your time the next time! "