Springfield man helps police in sting to get his $2,000 bike back

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- "Yea, I was yellin'," said Dustin Pruett, who's expensive bike was stolen from a double-locked rack on the back of his car. "I was pretty upset."

Pruett is talking about the awful surprise he got when he walked out of work on Thursday.

"I couldn't believe with two bike locks on there, and in broad day light basically, in a work parking lot, that it would be stolen, that it would be gone." he said. "I knew nobody just took it for a joyride, I knew somebody was trying to get it so they could sell it."

Pruett is a serious cyclist, which means his $2,000 dollar bike had been seriously locked up the day it disappeared. But, he turned his anger into quick action by checking with his work security, scanning the web for sales posts, and calling Springfield Police who he says were there in minutes.

"It was a great response time and then they kind a took the investigation over from there," Pruett said.

But he also got to help.

When he found his bike posted for sale on Craigslist, Springfield Police let him assist in their sting operation, to help arrange the meet-up for police, so they could reclaim and return his stolen bike.

But it didn't play out like they thought it would. On the way, SPD was diverted to a domestic disturbance. As they arrived, a man involved took-off running. That's when they realized he just happened to be their stolen bike seller. And, while the man got away, Pruett's bike was right there.

"They told me it was a good chance I probably wouldn't get it back, so it was pretty exciting when they brought it back to my work Wednesday," Pruett said.

At 'A&B Cycle' on Sunday, Pruett was all smiles as he watched his bike get tuned-up to get it ready for him to ride again.

"Its really cool when people get them back," said Bryant Johnson, an , 'A&B Cycle's Sales Associate. "We love participating in it because it makes us feel like we're like superheroes or something. So, the few times you can get it back, that's a really good story. And, how many people can say they participated in like a sting operation to get their bike back," said Johnson.