Ozarks girl gets freshly painted bike with sidecar for her wheelchair

Published: Jun. 15, 2020 at 5:11 PM CDT
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A little girl who lives in the Ozarks has a sleek, new ride.

We first told you about Aaliyah Delgado back in April. That's when she first saw a bike built specially for her. Because of a condition that limits mobility in her legs, she rides in a wheelchair. On Monday, Aaliyah got that bike back, with a fresh new touch.

A lot of people were on hand to enjoy the moment as Aaliyah finally got her bike back after a couple of months of being in the shop getting a fresh coat of paint. Within seconds after seeing her bike, 7-year-old Aaliyah was ready to go.

"I wanna ride it," she said.

Loaded into the sidecar, she just needed one more thing: A brand new helmet, signed by everyone who worked on the bike, and helped paint it.

As she rode around, first with Randy Lourenco, who built the side car, Aaliyah's mom was asked how she felt.

"I was happy before," said Tahlia Delgado. "But now that it's painted and it has her name on it, I am thrilled, absolutely thrilled, and so grateful."

They are grateful to Randy, who is just glad to be a small part of it all.

"It's absolutely wonderful, you know, like Wheeler Metal stepped in, Maaco, Corby family, my boss at work gave me the bicycle," said Lourenco. "It's just, the story's so deep, and it's just so cool to let that story be told."

The family Randy mentioned, the Corbys, were also on hand Monday.

Their name, "The Corby Cruiser" is also on the bike. Some of the bike parts from Anne Corby's husband, Brock's dad, who passed away last year.

"This would be his dream is to help someone like this," said Anne Corby. "He sold very few bikes in his life, he fixed them up and donated 'em and gave them to other kids and that was his joy, to get kids on a bike."

Kids like Aaliyah.

"Just the joy of her getting to, you know, have the freedom to go fast and get the wind in her face," said Brock Corby. "(It's) just awesome, I know my dad would have loved it."

It's the love that has given Aaliyah so much. From a free paint job.

"We like to do stuff like this and help people out," said Maaco Center Manager Chris House, "And it's just, it's a fantastic story and I'm proud to be a part of it."

To the man who built the sidecar.

"To know that she picked her colors and got everything she wanted," said Lourenco. "You know, it's just the finishing touches to just a great story."

And of course, the love of a mom and her daughter.

"I don't think she realizes how many people's hearts she actually touches," said Delgado.

In addition to being very thankful for that bike, Aaliyah said she looks forward to strengthening her arms throughout the summer.

Colorvision pitched in to help as well, covering the cost of the paint for the bike. And Springfield Wraps added the names.