Police 911 Call: "I’m hit, multiple times," said Officer Morton over police radio

CLINTON, Mo. -- The community of Clinton, Mo. is mourning the loss of a second officer killed in the line of duty.

Officer Ryan Morton died from gunshots in a shootout with a suspect at a home off Grandriver. The Missouri Highway Patrol says that suspect is James Waters. He is a convicted felon.

The patrol says shots were fired at the officers soon after they arrived at the home at around 9:20 p.m. Tuesday. The patrol says a SWAT team entered the home at 12:10 a.m. Wednesday but found the suspect dead.

Here is the audio from that police call Tuesday night:

911 Operator: “Have an open mic”
(woman yelling in background)
911 Operator: “We have a disturbance.”
(woman yelling in background)
911 Operator: “At 306 Grand River…. Sound like two females.”
911 Operator: “Civil disturbance.”

A minute later…
911 Operator: “They aren’t responding, I can’t tell.”
(yelling in background)
911 Operator: “And they just disconnected.”

Five minutes later..
Officer on scene: “Central…shots… central.. shots.”
911 Operator: “Clinton car, status?”
911 Operator: “Clinton car, status check.”
Officer: “We’ve got one officer hit in the arm.”

Thirty seconds later…
911 operator: Attention (another car number) respond to 306 Grand River. Again, 306 Grand River. Officer with gunshot wounds.”

Ambulance dispatched.

Officer: “Nineteen, where you at.”
Morton: “Inside.. Backroom, right side… “

One minute later..
Officer: “Morton, you good?”
Morton: “No… I’m hit multiple times. One in arm, both legs, and chest, in the vest.”
The officer says “get here now.”

Two minutes later..
Officer: “Can you see the suspect?”
(no answer)
Officer: “All call, all CPD units, all call.”
911 Operator: “I’m getting everyone going.”

Officer: “14, 18 and 19 all hit with assault rifle fire.”

Officer: “19, talk to us.”

(ambulance has to stop nearby because of active fire)

Two minutes later…
Officer: “Crossfire guys, watch the crossfire.”
Officer: Morton, stay with us. Stay with us Morton.”

Two minutes later…
911 operator: “Is it safe for EMS to come in.”
Officer: “Negative, Negative”
911 Operator: “10-4.”
Officer: Still in the fight, we still have one inside, we can’t get to him.”
911 Operator: “10-4.”