A Forsyth man's name is causing him to receive death threats

Published: Aug. 13, 2019 at 9:34 PM CDT
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In Forsyth, a man's name has caused him to receive death threats and more than 100 hateful messages and comments on Facebook. It is because he has the same name as a man charged with murder in Greene County.

On August 3rd, police were called about a man driving recklessly near the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds. They say Andrew Lynch drove from the scene, lost a trailer, and caused a minor crash on Highway H north of Springfield. They say he then crashed into a car at Kearney and Glenstone that killed Kimberly, Jamin, and Braeden Seabert from Reeds Spring. The next day Lynch was charged with three counts of second degree murder. That's when another Andrew Lynch, who lives in Forsyth, began receiving threatening messages on Facebook.

"It was all death threats, wish I would die, rot in hell." explained Lynch.

And the messages just kept on coming.

"There were probably 100 messages and comments on my Facebook," Lynch said. "I was very irritated because I didn't have any clue what was going on."

Then someone sent him a link to the story of the crash.

"My main worry that people around here would start talking saying I was the one that did it." said Lynch.

Andrew says he has two Facebook accounts, and both of them were flooded with messages and people sharing his profile.

"Both of my Facebook accounts posted all over Facebook saying that I am a murder and a killer." Lynch added.

Finally he had had enough.

"I had to put on a post saying that I wasn't the Andrew Lynch that did it, and tell them that they need to do some research because I wasn't even around Springfield at the time." he explained.

He said he has received a few apologies since then, but that is not what he is looking for.

"I just hope they do research and don't go after somebody with a weaker spirit, and actually tear them down where they can't, don't want to get on social media." added Lynch.

Andrew was very close to deleting his Facebook accounts, but didn't want to deal with the hassle. He said shortly after the post about him not being the Andrew Lynch that caused the crash, the messages stopped coming.

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