Fit Friday: Gentle yoga routine is good way to kick off your day

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Teresa Ollis of The Ollis Center has a yoga routine to warm up your body and greet the day. Here's how she describes it:

Circle vinyasana is a great way to wake the body, increase blood flow to the brain and warm up from head to toe. Remember to start gently.

Keep your knees bent slightly if you have low back issues or in general tight hamstrings. Begin very slowly and move on the exhalation. There is no prize in doing these fast.

Begin in a standing straddle stretch with your feet about 4-5 feet apart, not overworking the knee joints. Place your hands on the floor or blocks and bend your knees slightly for low back and hamstring discomfort. Inhale and exhale 3-4 long breaths before moving to the next pose.

On the exhalation take both hands to the right foot. This will bring you into a lunge. Lengthen the heel towards the wall behind you and lengthen the back of the knee. If your hamstrings are challenged keep the knee bent, maybe even all the way to the floor. Inhale and exhale 3-4 long breaths before moving into the next pose.

On the exhalation take your right foot back into downward dog. Again don’t over work the body, this is a warm up. You may choose to keep the knees slightly bent and back off the shoulders a bit until you are thoroughly warmed up. Inhale and exhale 3-4 long breaths before moving into the next pose.

On the exhalation place your left foot between your hands into a lunge.

You may need to put your left knee on the floor to assist your left foot
moving forward far enough. Once in the lunge lengthen your right heel
towards the wall behind you, lengthening the back of the right knee. Stay in the lunge 3-4 long breaths.

On the exhalation move the hands to the right in the center of the feet.

This should bring you back to a standing straddle stretch in the opposite direction you began. Remember to bend the knees slightly and/or place a block or chair under your hands to not over work the hamstrings or low back. Continue this progression until you reach the original direction you started. Taking the hands to the right foot into a lunge for 3-4 breaths, move into downward dog for 3-4 breaths and then into a lunge with the left foot forward for 3-4 breaths and lastly move the hands into the center of your feet for a standing straddle stretch. You have made an entire circle.

Continue in the same direction 2-3 times and then reverse everything.

From your straddle stretch you would begin by taking the hands to the left circling 2-3 times.

This is to gently warm up the body and get the brain moving. Please be kind to yourself as you move with the breath and back off each pose until you are warmed up.