A Quick Fat Burning Workout

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo In this Fit Friday, David Poland showed KY3's Paul Adler a version of EMOM using a workout sled.

EMOM is a type of interval training that helps increase the intensity of your workout by using the concept of “every minute on the minute”. When doing an EMOM workout, you start your workout on the minute, do the exercise and then rest for the remainder of the minute. Be ready to restart your routine at the top of the next minute. Continue for 10 minutes, and you will have had a rigorous workout in a short amount of time.

In this EMOM, pull a workout sled down and back on turf or a running track. You can also use the sled on cement, which creates friction and makes the workout more difficult. You can adjust the difficulty by beginning with a light load of weights on the sled, and then work your way up to heavier loads. Sleds are easy to learn to use and do not require complex movement patterns like some workout equipment. This workout creates powerful legs and strengthens calves and hamstring muscles. It’s also a great way to strengthen your core.