Fast fat burning workout can be done at home

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Leah Mawdsley of Extreme Fitness says a Jump, Bench, HIIT workout can burn a lot of fat and can be done at home. HIIT is short for high-intensity interval training.

In this type of training, you give quick, intense bursts of energy. Then, follow up with a short rest period. This type of training sends your hear-rate up in a short amount of time and burns fat.

For this workout, you would need a chair, a bench or a piano bench. To elevate your game even more, check out your heart rate with a heart rate tracker or watch.

Mawdsley showed us how to do 10 jump squats. She says you should really focus on launching off your toes.

As soon as you finish, hop over your bench 20 times.

Finish this HIIT series, with a one-minute plank. If you rest on your elbows, it's more intense. You can modify the plank by keeping your arms straight.

Rest for 30 seconds and go back for another round of HIIT. Try to do three rounds of these three exercises. Eventually, you can work up to 10 rounds or even more.