A local professional triathlete shares secrets of speed

Published: Apr. 5, 2019 at 9:32 AM CDT
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An Ironman triathlon is tough. It combines swimming, a bike ride and running in one event. In the Ozarks, we have one of the best at this sport in professional triathlete Danielle Dingman. Danielle trains in the Springfield area. We caught up with her after her 7th place finish in the Ironman event in Campeche, Mexico.

Danielle told us about the way to get through transition zones quickly. She says it's all about having the equipment that you need set up in a way so you can get through your transition zone as quickly and efficiently as possible.

She told us you have two opportunities for transition in a triathlon. Your transition from your swim to your bike and then your bike to your run.

In Danielle's transition zone, she has things set up where her equipment is set up on her bike. And, her running equipment is down on the ground ready and waiting whenever she gets back to start the run.

On the bike, Danielle sets up her sunglasses and helmet. The water bottle is also already on the bike. She also clips the shoes onto the pedals.

"When I get to my bike, I grab my sunglasses, grab the helmet, put the helmet on. The helmet has a quick snap using a magnet. So, it's really easy I don't have to worry about buckling. Then, I can take the bike and run with it and slide my feet quickly into my shoes," Danielle told us.

After returning from the bike ride, Danielle takes off the bike helmet while leaving the sunglasses on. "Then, when I get to the run I don't wear socks, some people like to wear socks. If you like to wear socks, there's a quick tip. You can take your sock put it on and then roll it down to where it looks like this (see video)," Danielle added.

Danielle shared one other speed tip for the running portion of the race. "These are stretchy laces and there's a little quick release or slider that tightens them down. So, once I put my shoes on. I will grab my hat and then this is for your bib number. So, usually there is a number attached on the front of this. This is made by t1 Pro Race Belt (about $25). It has a magnet on. So, it's really fast again. It's all about speed. So, I'll just take these things and put them on as I'm running," Danielle shared.

Danielle Dingman competes this Sunday (April 7th) in Galveston, Texas in the Ironman series.

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