A simple way to relax during coronavirus pandemic

Published: Mar. 20, 2020 at 9:01 AM CDT
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On this Fit Life, we're going to talk about breathing for your health with Cady O'Quinn of Sumits Hot Yoga.

Cady told us we would be learning about the union of breath and movement and something that's called Paradoxical Breath.

She says humans will do this in times of stress or struggle. We will actually contract our abdominals on the inhale. And, when you do that not only are you pressing down on your organs because those lungs have got to go somewhere, but in addition to that, you can activate or heighten that fight or flight response.

So, we're gonna just do some real simple belly breathing. Okay, so as you inhale, drop your shoulders, relax and let everything feel natural.

We're leaning up against the wall for support (see video) so that there's no effort in the rest of our body. Take a big breath. Let your belly hang out. Let your chest expand. Feel your back press against the wall and exhale. Let the shoulders drop, the abdominals contract, tuck your belly button up and under your ribcage. Inhale, let it all hang out.

Exhale contract in and up.

One more time, inhale let it all out. Exhale contract.

So, doing a few rounds of those five or 10 breaths is going to bring your blood pressure down and get your body back into the natural rhythm of breathing. That way you're not always hanging out in that stressed out state.

You can do it in the car. Do it before an important meeting or a job interview, or just when you need a little extra relaxation.

We're training the transverse abdominals. Those are the ones that hold hold your organs on the inside.

So, that's a very simple thing you can do, and it will improve your health, on this Fit Life.