NEW RIDE! Branson, Mo. man builds new bike for disabled girl

Published: Apr. 7, 2020 at 6:04 PM CDT
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A little girl in Branson has a brand new bike to ride, but this isn't just any bike. It was built especially for her and her mom, by people she'd never met.

Aaliyah saw her brand new bike for the first time on Monday. The bicycle was a dream her mom Tahlia didn't think would ever happen for her little girl, who needs a wheelchair to get around.

"It's amazing," said Tahlia Delgado. "I never ever expected anybody to actually come through and do that, let alone strangers."

No longer a stranger is the bike's builder, Randy Lourenco.

"I couldn't imagine not riding," said Lourenco. "So, when I heard this story, I just, I had to jump on it."

The story was all mom's. An idea for a bike with a sidecar for her and her daughter. She texted that to a friend, and it ended up with Lourenco. With parts he had from a friend who passed away last year, he got to work.

"That's how it all started," he said. "And, uh, I just felt like I was supposed to do this."

When they learned what he was doing, Wheeler Metal chipped in some parts. And Maaco offered to paint the bike for free.

"It's amazing how everybody's little part of their story came together for my baby," said Delgado. "You know, it's pretty incredible."

An incredible story, of a brand new bike for Aaliyah.

"Everything worked out," said Lourenco. "It's unreal"

"What mom doesn't want everything for their child?" asked Delgado. "And, I don't know, she's one little blessed little girl, that's for sure."

While Aaliyah has yet to pick what color she wants her bike, she was leaning toward blue. She also already asked Lourenco what he's going to build her next.