ARDOT preparing for potential wintry weather in northern Arkansas

HARRISON, Ark. - Extra specialized plow trucks are coming up from Little Rock called belly plows. They are trucks that have a plow in the front and underneath the bed.

Thursday ARDOT crews started pre-treating secondary routes throughout northern Arkansas.

And they'll be giving a lot of attention to Highway 65 between Harrison and Marshall because of all its curves.

Steve Lawrence, the ARDOT District 9 engineer, said, "Anybody that doesn't have to be on the road, it would really helps us a lot. And it helps to cut down on the roads getting blocked and having bad situations for travelers. Yeah if people don't have to get on the road, it would be better to stay at home and watch this one from the window."

Friday the Arkansas Department of Transportation will pre-treat all of the state roads in northern Arkansas and will start 24-hour operations in the afternoon.