ARDOT working to improve intersections in Harrison

HARRISON, Ark. - The intersection of Rock Springs Road, which turns into Highway 43, and Highway 65 in Harrison is a tight one.

Steve Lawrence, the ARDOT District 9 engineer, said, "Very busy intersection in Harrison. Causes traffic congestion at times. It's a project that we've been working with the city on for a number of years now. As far as trying to figure out exactly what improvements need to be made there."

The Arkansas Department of Transportation is looking to make significant improvements to the chaotic crossing.

"For Highway 43 traffic going westbound it would add a right turn lane and a through lane. And then you'd also have a left turn lane. Where right now you have a left turn lane and a through lane with a right turn. Then on Rock Springs Road we'll be adding a left-hand turn on it also. Then there will be other improvements to the turning radiuses on and off Highway 65 onto those routes."

"The Harrison mayor said once crews start working on that intersection it may cause a traffic jam, but he said in the end it will be a big plus for the city.

Lawrence said the plans and design for that project are still being developed and they're hoping to have the project up for bid in September.

But there's another project in Harrison on Spruce and Main Streets that is already scheduled and should start early next year.

Lawrence said, "It's a signal rehabilitation project. Basically replacing the existing signal. The long part of a construction project like that is normally getting the poles made. And the poles are being made by this time."

The engineer said it will have video detection at that signal as well.

The ARDOT engineer said the cost for that project on Spruce and Main Streets is about $150,000, and the main contractor for it is out of Nixa, Missouri.