AUDIO: Colo. girl calls 911 for injured stuffed bunny; officer has perfect response

FORT COLLINS, Colo (Gray News/KKTV) - The Fort Collins Police Department posted audio of the “furmergency” to their Facebook page.

A 6-year-old girl in Colorado called 911 when her stuffed bunny became injured, and the responding police officer had the perfect response. (Source: AP Graphics)

The girl, named Natalie, hung up without speaking to anyone, so an officer went to the home to make sure everyone was okay. That’s when Officer Dane learned what happened and it became a teachable moment.

Natalie’s mother and grandmother said they gave an unactivated phone loaded with games to the girl to play with, not knowing it could still make emergency calls.

Officer Dane put a band-aid on the injured toy and made sure Natalie knew when the correct time to call 911 is.

“Natalie, if bunny’s hurt we don’t need to call 911,” the officer said. “But if you’re hurt or mommy’s hurt, absolutely call us, okay?”

The police department suggests that if you do give a child an old phone to use for games or videos to put it in airplane mode to avoid accidental 911 calls, and if someone does accidentally call 911 to stay on the line and let a dispatcher know what happened.

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