Active shooter training instructor sees an increase of calls after mass shootings

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REPUBLIC, Mo -- In light of last week's scare and the recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, those who offer active shooter survival trainings have been gained a lot of new business. So much so, that one active shooter trainer is hosting his first ever public seminar on Friday August 16th.

"To have so many people on their own on the individual scale to reach out to me, that is something that I haven't seen before." said Matt Coombes, with Shield Force International.

He said after the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton and the panic caused last Thursday when an armed man walked into a Walmart Market in Springfield, several business and dozens of individuals called looking to be trained on what to do if something horrible happens here.

"People are waking up, realizing that this is a serious concern," Coombes explained. "That this is not something that is going to stop, it is not just going to go away. Hope is not a strategy."

So many regular people contacted Shield Force that Coombes decided to hold his first ever active shooter safety seminar that is open to the public.

"It is for any environment that you might find yourself in, at Walmart, at the mall, wherever you might be," Coombes said. "If there is an active shooter, we are going to try to give you some simple steps that you can take back to you and your family to help increase your chance of survival."

"I think it should be common knowledge among everyone." said Scott Jones, a military veteran who is going to the training.

He has received a lot of training in the past and decided to go to Friday's training to stay up to date on situational awareness training.

"If everybody has this general knowledge it is going to resolve the conflict a lot faster." Jones said.

And believes everyone should go through active shooter trainings regularly.

"If you have trained on it and took your mind through that scenario, you are probably going to respond that way." Jones added.

"We don't have to live our lives in fear, we just have to live our lives prepared." Coombes said.

The training is Friday August 16th, at 6:00pm at the Republic police station. You HAVE to sign up for the training as seating is limited. It costs 25 dollars, and that money goes towards a screening process for everyone who is coming to the training. If you are interested in coming, you can contact Shield Force International at 417-233-1338, or email them at If you would like to learn more about Shield Force International Click HERE