Affordable apartments soon to open at Plato's Cave in Branson

Published: Dec. 10, 2019 at 4:46 PM CST
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People in Branson will soon have access to more affordable housing, as a former motel continues to convert its rooms into apartments.

Plato's Cave is turning motel rooms into nearly 170 studio and one-bedroom apartments. The construction has been going on for a while, but the manager says phase one is almost complete.

"[In] our studio, you have your little bed area right here. We have a little dining area," General Manager Ronda Cady said. "That's your kitchen sink. Then, we have a NuWave two-burner stove."

Cady says a one-bedroom apartment will cost $695 per month and studios will cost $495. Utilities and a smart TV with cable are included.

"Branson absolutely needs affordable housing for our local workers here," Cady said.

While the former Days Inn, located just off West 76 Country Boulevard on Keeter Street, has served as a home for seasonal, migrant workers in the past, it'll soon transform into, what Cady calls, an alternative to extended stay motels, some of which have been shut-down recently due to unsafe conditions.

"It's perfect timing to help these people who need another place to stay," Cady said.

Some people are already living on the property in motel-style rooms, but plan to move into more spacious rooms soon.

"[I'm moving into a] one-bedroom. I need room after being in an extended-stay for months," Marsha Castle said.

Castle already has her name on a newly remodeled fourth-floor apartment at Plato's Cave.

"The view gives you The Strip and the Ferris wheel at night. I love city lights. That was my dream," Castle said.

However, even more importantly, she feels secure.

"I feel safe. For senior citizens, that's important," Castle said.

The property is now patrolled by officers who keep tabs on people who come and go.

"They definitely are doing their job. It's been a big change, or a game-changer, for us," Cady said.

Cady says they also plan to put up a security fence that tenants can open using a code.

"The first gated community that's affordable," Cady said.

Apartments will be available within the next several weeks and Castle is already ready for move-in.

"Good space, good people," Castle said. "I can't wait to get into my apartment."

Plato's Cave is currently accepting applications for the new apartments. They're even offering half-off first month's rent through February. There is a security deposit and tenants do have to pass a background check in order to live at the property.

Plato's Cave is pet-friendly, with a pet deposit. It also has amenities like a recreation room, club house, and an in-ground, outdoor pool.

The complex will continue to house migrant workers, who can apply to live there through a sponsor.