Springfield airport officials expect uptick during Memorial Day, but a fraction of usual

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Long holiday weekends usually mean a surge in airport foot traffic, but the Springfield Branson National Airport says this weekend will be different.

The travel industry has been of the hardest hit by the pandemic and the Springfield Branson National Airport is no exception.

In April, travel was down 93%.

“To give you an example of how few people are at the airport last year at this time between 1,500 and 2,000 people got on an airplane at this airport,” Kent Boyd, airport spokesperson, tells KY3. “Last week the average count per day was 128.”

They do still expect there to be an uptick over Memorial Day weekend, they say it won't be a fraction of what they usually see.

He does recommend though that you still get to the airport early, even if fewer people are inside.

Boyd says the TSA line does get long with the required social distance spacing.

His other recommendation, bring a mask even if the airline you’re flying doesn’t require it.

Three of the four airlines at the Springfield Branson Airport do and there is talk swirling that the federal government may start requiring all airlines soon.