Branson amusement park to open on lot once destroyed by tornado

A lot along 76 Country Boulevard left vacant after the devastating Branson tornado six years ago, is now home America's Fun Park.

"The place has been sitting here vacant for a while. It was a little bit of an eye sore. So, now, we are bringing another attraction to Branson, we are bringing jobs to Branson as well as entertainment for our guests that are visiting us," America's Fun Park Manager Jason Reynolds said.

Reynolds says they'll employ about 120, who are currently gearing up for guests.

"Our niche is really going to be creating an experience for people that's worth talking about," Reynolds said.

Some visitors are already doing just that, like the Kunz Family, who says the carnival-type attraction caught their eyes.

"Just the rides, all the lights, you know, the screaming the yelling, just the atmosphere of it," Robert Kunz said.

Leaders of America's Fun Park hope this season brings winds of change, as six years later, the community continues to rebuild what mother nature tore apart.

"We are not opening up just to make money. Money is important but we want to be a place where people can create memories for generations," Reynolds said.

The park will open Friday at 4 p.m., but the grand opening event will be held Friday, June 15. The first 100 guests to that event will receive a wristband for only $5.

Regular admission to the park is free. Guests pay separately for rides, games, and food.

The cost of a ride wristband is $20 for a half day, which includes all rides except the Windstorm. A $25 wristband includes all rides, including the Windstorm. A $35 wristband covers all rides for all day.