An excuse to make more 'man time'

Published: Nov. 14, 2017 at 8:29 AM CST
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A Harvard Study finds that married men are healthier and live longer. The researchers say married men in quality relationships eat healthier, have stronger hearts and suffer less loneliness.

If you're not married, you can do one simple thing to improve your health.

Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Baker of Lutheran Family and Children's Services says, "Join a group. A group that meets regularly. That gets together, so you can actually get to know people. So, you can form friendships. And, this would not necessarily be drinking buddies (laughs). Because some of my clients have told me they're not real friends, because if we weren't drinking we wouldn't be friends.

In short, you need people you can talk to when things aren't going well.

This story is part of our Movember series on Men's Health. Men are joining the effort by letting their beards grow in November. You can join in too by doing just one thing to improve your health. It could be making 'man time' and joining a local club like, The Springfield Hiking Meetup or the 417 Gamers.

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