Arkansas state medical board member criticizes hospital decision

HARRISON, Ark. - An Arkansas state medical board member spoke out about the Harrison hospital's decision to suspend a doctor's privileges at the last board meeting.

Dr. Don Phillips said, "I find it pretty despicable what the hospital did."

North Arkansas Regional Medical Center suspended Dr. Marcus Causey's privileges in December, meaning he could no longer deliver babies there, and his pregnant patients had to find other doctors.

Causey told state medical board members one of the reasons he was suspended was because the hospital felt there was a delay in getting a patient to the operating room last April.

The patient had complications after a C-section, had to have more surgery, and was resuscitated.

But one of the state medical board members said he found nothing wrong with how Causey handled the situation.

Phillips said, "I'm an obstetrician, and I would've done exactly what you did."

He added, "Your notes were complete. Your assessment I thought at the time was adequate. That's why I was surprised they found something wrong."

The hospital recently reinstated his privileges but added conditions, and Causey said one of those requirements would have been extremely difficult to do.

Causey said the hospital's board of directors: "Required a board-certified OBGYN to be a monitor for six months and be present with any patient care. There are no board-certified OBGYNs on staff at the hospital."

Causey ultimately decided to resign his privileges but is still seeing patients at Crossroads Medical Clinic.

The hospital did not respond to the board member's criticism of its decision.